Are you looking for a Website to show your business to the world?

responsive-website-designThese days, the hub and headquarters of nearly any company’s marketing strategy is their website. But is your website bringing you business as intended, or is it holding you back?

There’s more to a successful website than just putting up promotions and information about your business. To actually be found by potential customers, your website needs to be designed for search engine optimization (SEO). And for those potential customers to actually spend more than a few seconds on your site, it needs to be optimized for conversion.

The problem though is that in the hands of an inexperienced designer, heavy-handed search engine optimization can make a website less user friendly, while designing a website only around ease of use can neglect or even detract from its SEO value.

Then you’re left with either a site that draws people in only to turn them off with bad design, or a site that looks and works great but has no visitors to see it.

Luckily, Frontier Marketing is here to help. Our experience specializing in web design and SEO gives us the tools to strike that delicate balance and deliver a website that both attracts new readers and keeps them there, making them more likely to convert to customers who actually come to you with their needs.

Designing a Website for SEO

websites-designed-with-search-engine-optimization-best-practicesMost experts recommend that you redesign your website about once every three years. That’s around the time that your site will start to not only look dated, but may no longer truly reflect the direction your business has gone. Most of all, it’ll no longer be up to date with current SEO trends, which change every year along with the algorithms Google uses to rank search results.

Our website design team will counter this by creating a website that brings you back up to speed with today’s SEO best practices.

One such recent shift that we account for is the fact that 65% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices rather than desktop computers, with the proportion of mobile devices only growing. To keep pace with this change, we optimize your site for mobile SEO as well as desktop SEO, so that users of all devices can find and enjoy your site.

This is just one of many ways we help get your website design into gear so that it meaningfully contributes to your online marketing strategy. Other best practices that we incorporate when we revamp your website cover aspects like site structure, image use, local SEO, and content.

Whether it’s email opt-ins, call-to-action buttons, or social media integration, we examine all the available ways to improve your website’s design in a way that brings in and converts more users than a site that hasn’t been optimized for current trends.

Working With Your Own Team of Experts

We’re able to bring you this level of service because your website is completed by a team of specialized experts, each one trained to handle a part of the website design process.

You’ll have your own dedicated project manager who helps you decide on a theme and the overall structure of your website, as well as taking care of the SEO aspects of the design.

Our own in-house graphic designer produces an original look for your website, and our content writer fills it with quality content that not only reads well but is optimized for SEO as well.

Bringing together work from a team of professionals specialized in their own fields this way results in a website that’s overall more professional and better optimized for bringing in and converting customers. So give Frontier Marketing a call, and let this team put its talents to work for you.

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