Reputation Management

Stay On Top Of What Customers Are Saying About You

Since we specialize in online marketing, we at Frontier know that your reputation as a business owner can mean everything to you. The image that people have of you, and how much they trust that image as a company worth their business, makes or breaks your ability to do what you do.

Reputation Management is Word of Mouth MarketingBut in the modern age, so much of your reputation is affected by what people say about you on the internet and how you engage with that.

Some business owners have been struggling to keep their businesses running despite negativity generated by bad Yelp reviews. Others have seen their brands ruined by unprofessional social media usage.

But you can’t just step away from the internet and say you want nothing to do with it—that only means you’re giving up control over your online reputation.

And you’d also be missing out on the benefits of good reputation management, which can be as significant as the consequences of bad reputation management.

So, how can good online reputation management boost your business, and how can Frontier help you achieve that?

Review Monitoring

As you probably know, the internet is all about free speech, for better or for worse. That can be great for producing dynamic, engaging relationships, but it can also mean that sometimes people try to unfairly smear others.

Since your online reputation affects not only what people see others saying about you, but also impacts your SEO value, this can be very serious.

We help you manage the effect that reviews have on your business in a number of ways.

social-profile-and-review-monitoringUsing a review acquisition system, we can help to push down negative reviews and gain new positive reviews.

Getting good reviews is of course as important as minimizing bad ones—we help you get them using a number of different strategies that appeal to customers to make them actually want to leave you a review and make it easy to do so. This is accomplished through a mix of email and other mediums.

Video reviews are important too—being able to have testimonials from real people displayed on your website goes a long way in winning viewers’ trust. We assist you in finding ways to reach out to your customers and get the positive feedback they have to offer.

Profile Management

And of course, there’s social media. It’s now nearly impossible to separate out your company’s reputation from your social media presence. If your reputation on social media is bad, that bleeds into “real life,” and if you have no social media presence, you probably won’t have that much of a reputation.

That’s why we provide social media management services. Not only do we help your company’s social media profiles stay active and engaged in a way that keeps you visible, we also help you deal with criticism that users may aim your way through social media.

These days, social media is almost a sort of democratic customer service hotline. Not promptly responding to complaints on social media is almost the equivalent of ignoring customer complaints in person or putting them on hold for hours on the phone—except that there are hundreds or even thousands of other social media users who can see the interaction and use it to make a judgment about your company.

So with our help, you can stay on top of what people online are saying about you, respond thoughtfully, and build your reputation as a responsive and caring company. And that’s not just an image that’ll bring you more business—that’s an image you can be proud of.

Does you company have positive engagement with the online community?